Additional funding for the implementation of the project “Improvement of energy efficiency in school buildings in the Polish District

On Tuesday, December 13, 2022, by the decision of the Minister of Climate and Environment, the Policki District received additional funding in the amount of PLN 6,568,434. 48 for the implementation of the project entitled “Improvement of energy efficiency in school buildings in the Policki District” from the funds of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area under the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Programme.

As a result, the originally granted grant of PLN 5,189,210. 56 was increased to a total of PLN 11,757,645. 04.
The aim of the project is to improve the energy efficiency of school buildings by supporting comprehensive investment activities consisting of deep thermomodernization and undertaken to bring school buildings to the energy standard “passive” or “nearly zero emission”. The project includes four buildings in the Special Education Centre No. 1 in Police, the school building of the I. Łukasiewicz School Complex in Police and a sports hall in the Youth Education Centre in Trzebieża.

The effects of the project will reduce CO2 emissions, reduce EP consumption, increase the share of RES and raise public awareness regarding energy efficiency, while maintaining the highest energy and cost efficiency.